Advocating for a better criminal justice system

The Independent Commission on New York City Criminal Justice and Incarceration Reform, chaired by former Chief Judge of the State of New York Jonathan Lippman, is an independent body of more than two dozen experts, policymakers, and advocates from a variety of backgrounds, including law enforcement, academia, the judiciary, advocacy groups, business, and those who have spent time behind bars.

In April 2017, the Commission issued A More Just New York City, a groundbreaking evidence-based set of recommendations for improving New York City’s criminal justice system, including closing the dysfunctional jail complex on Rikers Island, significantly reducing the number of people in jail, and shifting to a modern system of smaller facilities located near the borough criminal courts. 

Today, the Commission continues to advocate for a better criminal justice system and to provide policymakers with the tools and roadmaps to implement its recommendations.



Latest Report

Stopping Parole’s Revolving Door

“Jailing so many people on parole warrants does little for public safety and is counterproductive to the success of people who are reentering society from prison. Reform is crucial to New York City’s effort to shut the Rikers jails forever. Now is the time for Albany to act. ” Read More

Latest Op-Ed

I’ve Seen It First-Hand Over Decades and Know: Rikers Cannot Be Redeemed, by Stanley Richards

“Since I came home to the Bronx, I have dedicated myself to helping others succeed. The sprawling, unmanageable, and violent jails on Rikers undermine that goal and our communities. Let’s end this disgraceful chapter in our history.” Read More →

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Incarceration must not only be used sparingly, but also humanely, with a focus on preparing people to re-enter society.

Hon. Jonathan Lippman